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Produce will be available around July 20 of this year weather permitting

Boyka's Farm Market has the best fresh produce available in Macomb or any part of Michigan! Our produce stand opends around July 20th, where you will be able to find the best fresh produce and fruits. We at Boyka's believe that you can taste the difference. Check out our fresh produce and tell us what you think.

Boyka's Home Grown Produce

Curly Cabbage
Eggplant - Black
Eggplant - Italian
Fall Hard Squash
Green Beans
Macedonian Leek
Peppers - Over 14 Varieties
Pole Beans
Pumpkins - Many Colors, Sizes


Sweet Corn - Bicolor
Sweet Corn - White
Sweet Corn - Yellow
Tomatoes - Regular
Tomatoes - Roma
Watermelons - Seedless
Watermelons - Sugar Baby
Yellow Beans
Yellow Summer Squash

Other Produce When Available

Honeydew Melons
Idaho Potatoes
Michigan Blueberries
Michigan Celery Hearts
Michigan Green Onions
Michigan Head Lettuce
Michigan Onions
Michigan Radishes
Michigan Red Beets
Michigan Red Potatoes
Michigan Romaine Lettuce
Michigan Spanish Onions
Michigan White Potatoes
Michigan/Romeo Apples
Romeo Peaches
Russet Potatoes
Seedless Grapes
Vidalia Onions

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